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Joy & Marcus

About Joy & Marcus

Breed: Crossbreeds Age: 6-12 months Sex: Male & female pair

Joy (Himalayan) and Marcus (black) are very dear to us. They are brother and sister who came into our care at the end of September last year. Their mother was bought from a pet shop and much to the shock of the owner gave birth a few weeks later to a litter of 4. The babies were skinny and failing to thrive and the owner couldn’t cope so the babies were signed over to us.

For the first few weeks it looked touch and go and sadly one of the babies didn’t make it. Slowly but surely Joy and Marcus began to grow boy in stature and confidence. It took us such a long while to gain their trust but we were so pleased when they began to take food from us. Unfortunately Marcus developed a skin infection around his nostrils that came and went every couple of weeks. The exotic vet specialist we use for our bunnies treated him as if it were maternal syphilis and it soon cleared and he has had the all clear for over a month. Joy has never had any symptoms but because the bunnies adore each other we’ve kept them together until the time is right for them to go for adoption. (Their other sibling was adopted last year.)

Marcus is the more confident of the pair and enjoys attention and sneaky treats of coriander. Joy is a little more reserved but will always coming running for food! They are a dinky, cute pair who have fought against all odds. We are really proud that we have succeeded in nurturing them to full health and they neutered, microchipped and have received both the combi vaccination and RHD2 vaccination. They will be able to live indoors if it’s in a quiet space or outside providing it is sheltered because they are currently in a sheltered barn.

We are so pleased that the bunnies are finally happy and healthy and we can’t wait to see them in a forever home. If you can offer them a home with plenty of space for them to play then please get in touch.

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