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Joy is around one year old. She came in to our care back in September 2018 as one of a litter of baby bunnies. Many were malnourished and we feared they very sickly and would not make it. The owner had purchased a rabbit from a pet shop who subsequently gave birth and could no longer cope. Joy was the healthiest of them all and was one of only two to survive. Joy was strongly attached to her brother Marcus, who constantly battled with ill health, we kept them together and gave up trying to find them a home in the end and instead placed them in foster care until the time came when we lost the fight with Marcus. Throughout all this time Joy has been in perfect health and enjoyed her life with Marcus. She has adjusted to her loss and now and  is ready to find a companion to live the rest of her life with.

This is what her brave foster family have to say about her:

“Joy is a lovely bun who is very curious and loves to explore and rearrange her home.  She isn’t keen on being handled but will happily come up to you for a sniff and to see if she can get any more food. She will sit and wait for us in the morning ready for her breakfast. When we let her out to play, she does plenty of binkies. She loves nothing more than to eat her hay, especially when it is fresh! She will demolish any grass you leave in for her with relish.”

Joy is very much a rabbit’s rabbit. She has always been timid and wary of people but has always been so content with a bunny friend. She really seems to thrive living outdoors in her 6ft two tier hutch with 8ft run attached and having the extra playtime out to zoomie and binky. She really needs to find a companion now so if you have a lonely neutered male they could be a perfect match. Joy is neutered, chipped and has received both vaccinations. She has recently been health checked and has a clean bill of health.

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