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About Jules

Breed: Rex Age: 3 months (approx) Sex: Male

Jules came into our care 4 weeks ago at 8 weeks of age. He had been housed with his brother and mother, who was already pregnant again. The conditions were cramped and Jules was really quite timid. He came from a breeder who could not sell him due to the pandemic, his gender and his looks.

Jules may be smaller than his brother but he has a big personality. He is a super soft rex rabbit who is very friendly and inquisitive. He is a typical baby bunny who likes to explore and is always raring to come of his pen in the morning to run around the rabbit unit. He was a shy boy on arrival but our volunteer socialisiers have worked hard to gain his trust and bring him out of his shell. He is a cheeky baby boy now and won’t hesitate to tug on our clothes or scramble on us. He is just so nosey and mischievous! It is always so rewarding when animals grow in confidence in our care and we can’t wait to see Jules hop off to his forever to continue his growth.

Jules is not yet ready to be neutered but the branch will pay up to £100 towards the cost when he is ready. He has received the new ‘triple’ vaccine that covers VHD1, VHD2 and myxomatosis for 12 months, he will also be microchipped before he leaves our care. Jules cannot be paired with a female until he has been neutered and his hormones have settled. He is looking to be cared for indoors so he can continue to receive the socialising and attention he has become so fond of. If you can offer him a home please email

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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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