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Julian is the love of our lives and when he leaves for his forever home there are going to be many tears. We are looking for a dedicated Dutch bunny fanatic to adopt our very special boy as a house bunny.

Julian is a one year old Dutch rabbit who came into our care at the beginning of April, all the way from Hull. He had been living in poor conditions with a guinea pig and he was frightened of everything. For the first few days he wouldn’t move from his box. We had to push food into him so he could eat and he just sat in his own urine he was so scared. Of course this just made us love him even more and we all instantly fell in love with him.

As the days went on Julian became more brave and began to start pottering out. Initially we thought his tentative walking was through nerves, or maybe related to the loss of muscle tone on his hips, as a result of long term confinement/not moving around much. But as time went on it didn’t matter what the flooring was or how confident he was feeling he was making deliberate movements to avoid hopping about much. An xray revealed he was born with an abnormal spine, which meant he could not hop about. However, it does not affect him from having a good quality of life and he has clearly learnt to live with the condition and tends to swivel round to reach round rather than hop. He does hop about about but not with any gusto! Despite the condition the vets are confident he can live a happy life, although he may in later life need anti-inflammatory pain relief if he gets arthritis in later life. He does move about and his bottom is always clean he is just a little unsteady on his back legs

Julian can spend hours being stroked and loves it when you sit on the floor with him. He snuggles up and nods off as you give head strokes. He cannot get enough attention and just loves being with people. He will often rest his head on your lap and melt into you. We have a bit of a Julian Fan Club going on at the centre and we are all so pleased at how he has transformed and chosen to trust us all so much.

Julian is a really gentle boy who needs a quiet home with adults only. He may be able to be paired with a gentle, loving female but ultimately we want someone who is home a lot and can give him the attention he desires. He is neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped. If you would like to be the President of the Julian Fan Club then please drop us an email at





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