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Kim K and Kendall

Kim and Kendal are a mother-daughter duo looking for a home together. Kendal was born in our care in November. Mum was from a home where mis-sexing had led to over-breeding and there were upwards of 70 piggies in the home. Kim had not had much socialising and was initially very timid. Within three days of coming into our care she gave birth to Kendal. 

Kendal has been handled daily since arrival. Despite this she still  heads for the nearest sleeve, cleavage or head of hair to hide in. Once settled she enjoys a stroke and will purr, seemingly with content. Mum Kim has got a right set of lungs on her and as soon as you enter their room she shouts for food until you cave in to her demands! Mum is so good at being handled now that she lets you trim her nails and kiss her squidgy belly without any fuss.

Both girls have grown in confidence and happily potter around when you are with them. They are so entertaining to watch and love burrowing into big piles of hay. They are also rather clean and do their toilets in one corner, however if we put a tray there they go and use a different corner, how contrary!

The piggies have been housed indoors since arrival and we are looking to find them a home indoors. They are used to living a 152cm long cage. They will be suitable to live with children of late primary school age and over.


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