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About Kylo

Breed: Smoothcoat Age: 5 weeks Sex: Male (unneutered)

Kylo is a beautiful, distinctive looking white faced piggy boar who will be 6 weeks old on 20th January. He was born in our care after his mum (Wendy) was rescued from a home overrun with guinea pigs and where mis-sexing had led to over breeding. Kylo was Wendy’s only baby and has enjoyed the 1 to 1 attention of both his mum and his human foster carers. He is a confident boy who is very vocal, especially around feeding time! His foster carers saying he is never quiet is always making his presence known. He’s also a bit of whinger too! Kylo loves to run around the cage and popcorn all over the place. He is fast on his paws and you need to be quick to catch him. He can be quite a wriggler and wheeker when you handle him but he will happily take food from your hand.

We are looking to rehome Kylo as an indoor pig to be pair with a single, lonely boar. Indoor store bought cages are often too small and expensive so we’d recommend a C&C set up, you can buy these via various sites like this one online:  Please note that the branch will pay for him to be neutered at around 5 months of age (either full costs at branch’s vet or up to £60 each at the adopter’s vets), we do this to make sure that if bereaved in future he can be easily bonded with a female piggy and not be left alone. We are taking enquiries now so you can come and meet him and he will be ready to leave his foster home once old enough on the 20th January. Please call 0161 882 0680 option 4 to meet him today!

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