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About Kylo

Breed: Smoothcoat Age: 3/4 months Sex: Male (neutered)

Kylo is a handsome young lad who was born in our care on 9th December 2018. Hi mum (Wendy) was rescued from a home overrun with guinea pigs and where mis-sexing had left to a lot of over breeding. Kylo was the only baby to pop put and has enjoyed the 1 to 1 attention of both his mum and his carers.

Kylo is a sweet boy who has adapted well to being separated from his mum (she was rather pleased and relieved!). His foster carers say he is always making his presence known and can be quite vocal around feeding time. He confidently play out amongst his carers and is always up for a bit of a chinwag. He loves to run around the cage and popcorn all over the place and also enjoys playtime out in a run in the living room too. Like most guinea pigs he is fast on his paws so you need to corner him to catch him. It’s fair to say he prefers his 4 paws on the ground but will happily take food from your hand.

We are currently looking to rehome Kylo as an indoor pig to be paired with some lady friends!

Kylo has been castrated on 18th March. He needs to be 6 weeks post castration before being introduced to any sows. He can live happily alongside them now getting to know them. If you are local we can lend you accommodation to allow them to get to know each other without having contact. 

For two piggies the minimum recommended size of accommodation is 5ft x 2ft. Call 0161 8820 680 option 4 to meet him!

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