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Maddie, Fifi & Rene

HOUSE RABBITS This beautiful natured trio of French Lops who came into our care two months ago. Their owners had been sold a mis-sexed pair of rabbits and subsequently an unplanned litter of 9 arrived. Their owners were unfamiliar with rabbit care and sadly they had no substrate in their shelter and were sodden, matted and disshevelled. They were 13 weeks old at the time and malnourished but the owners had not knowingly underfed them and had reached out for our help. We are very grateful to them for coming forward for help and it has enabled us to help these gorgeous rabbits. It has been a long journey but they now have the all clear for rehoming.


The bunnies were placed in small groups to reduce food competition and to give them every possible chance to thrive. They have now gained a really substantial amount of weight and their muscle mass is improving weekly. They are not, sadly, going to reach the intended size of a  French Lop but they do have all the wonderful characteristics of this breed. Rene and Fifi were the most underweight of them all, we were so worried about them that we actually ran further tests to rule out any parasite burden, but it simply was a case of not having enough food to eat and with them being growing babies they had the deficit and growth to contend with at once. They have never been anything but adorable bundles of furry happiness. They are so super friendly and loving with us and each other and they make our hearts sing spending time with them. They are excepionally good natured and will be perfect for first time rabbit owners.


We are looking to rehome Rene, Fifi and Madeleine together because they are the best of friends. Despite being 5 months old the hormones associated with puberty have never really kicked in (probably as a result of their malnourishment) so they are a stable and very much bonded group. The vet has advised we can neuter them at 6 months old so they can be adopted now and come back for their op at the specialist vet we use in South Manchester. They are fully vaccinated and would be best enjoyed as house rabbits. They do not need any more space than a regular sized rabbit although they do enjoy stretching their legs and having an explore. We will consider them living outdoors if you have a converted shed type set up and you spend a lot of time outside with the girls. To meet them please call 0161 737 6600.

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