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Evelyn and Marilyn


Marilyn and Evelyn are 12 week old baby rabbits with the most delightful personalities. They are cheeky, confident and hugely sociable and fill our hearts with joy daily. Watch a video of the girls here!

The pair were abandoned in a car park in a small, dirt filled plastic cage that they could barely move around in. They were malnourished and you could feel their skeleton through their fluffy coats. All they had to eat in the tiny cage was a rotting carrot. It was a distressing and pitiful sight but thankfully they were found and came into our care where they have been for the last 6 weeks recovering from their ordeal. 

Evelyn (chocolate brown coloured bunny)  is fearless and cheeky all rolled into one. She has often been known to climb up on to shoulders and perch like a parrot! She seems to have quite the appetite for exploring whereas Marilyn (grey) is a little more sensible than her sister, but is no less confident and bold. Marilyn is hugely motivated by food and will turn on the charm if there’s a chance of extra helpings of veggies! 

Both girls relish human company and spending time with our volunteer socialisers climbing all over them and receiving strokes. They will make an ideal addition to any home and will be a great for young people or first time rabbit owners. Due to their incredibly friendly natures, and being so young, we would like to find them a forever home as house rabbits.

During their time with us the girls have had regular checks up with an exotic vet specialist, they have received both vaccinations and are now in optimum health and been cleared for rehoming. Once old enough the branch will contribute £100 per rabbit toward the cost of neutering (or this can be done for free at our vet in Chorlton). If you are looking for two endearing little ladies to join your home then please get in touch.

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