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Beryl & Marion

Beryl and Marion are two young adult females (approximately 6 to 12 moths old) rescued from a home where breeding was out of control. The girls were on pregnancy watch for some weeks and, if you are regular follower of our branch Facebook page, you may have seen a video of Marion having an ultrasound in January which showed she was expecting three little pigs. She did indeed give birth to three babies on Valentine’s Day (she’s obviously a fan of romance!) Beryl had escaped pregnancy, but had us fooled for a while with her happy belly full of food!
Beryl is black and white and has a smooth coat. She is definitely the boss of the two and is much more outgoing than Marion. Beryl really loves her food and will happily take an offering of veggies out your hand. She loves to scrabble through her food bowl to find her favourite veggie treats, but this changes regularly. Beryl likes to come over and say hello when you approach her, but she doesn’t love being handled as she hasn’t been used to this from an early age.
Marion is mostly black, but has some ginger markings, and is an Abyssinian guinea pig. She has a huge crest on her back and, to be honest, her bum does look big in this! Marion has increased in confidence since being in foster care and becoming a mum and although we see a lot more of her now she is still not very outgoing. We see much more of her these days, but she likes to drag her food into her shelter and eat in private. Like Marion, she wasn’t handled much in her first home so she’s not accustomed to be picked up.
The girls are probably best suited to a home with experienced guinea pig handlers. We recommend an indoor C&C set up for all our piggies as they provide lots of space and are cheaper than store bought cages (see our housing guide for more info). Min. size housing for two guinea pigs is 5x2ft or 4x2 C&C grids but bigger is better. Read about housing here.
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