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Have you ever had that experience where you’ve been embarrassed by a family member who has disgraced themselves? Well Marzipan has done the same with us! She went out for bonding a few weeks ago and was nothing but a rude house guest. It seems her previous life has scarred her and she is not for cohabiting with another bunny, so we are seeking to find her a life of independence where she can live as she pleases and run rings round her humans!

Marzipan has the biggest and best personality and continues to make us smile. She came into our care from a garden where very many rabbits were living free, breeding had got out of control and she arrived with 4 babies in tow. She was a great mum but very happy to be a single lady. From day one she was exceptionally friendly and followed us around everywhere, ever inquisitive and checking everything out. Since coming back into our care she hasn’t battered and eyelid. She is just as happy and content as always. Marzipan always approaches us straight away when we enter her pen to say hello. When we sit down with her she greets us with a cute dance around and will frequently flop on her side next to you, she really loves company. If she doesn’t think you are doing what she wants then she will scrabble on your legs or arm to make her point! She does enjoy a head rub but doesn’t hang around for long because she wants to be off playing. Her favourite past times are tunnels to run through, willow balls to chew and rolls stuffed with hay. She makes great use of her play space and keeps herself active.

We estimate Marzipan to be around 2 years old, she is neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped. She would like a home that can offer her space to explore, so if she is kept in an enclosure the chance to play outside of it would make her very happy indeed. If you can offer this brilliant bunny a home then please email us at








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