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About Milo

Breed: DSH Age: 9 years (approx) Sex: Male

“Milo is a very special, cuddly cat” (RSPCA foster carer). Milo is around 9 years of age and came into our care at the end of November last year because his owner could no longer afford to care for him. He had a nasty wound to back that has taken several weeks to heal, largely because it was so irritating to him he kept bothering at it. After all this time we are delighted to say we finally got there and Milo is more than ready to find his new home.

During his 3 months with us Milo has spent time in our cattery and in a home environment. We have heard nothing but good things about him from everyone that has had the pleasure of caring for him. Here’s what Milo’s foster carer has to say about him:

‘Milo is a very special, cuddly cat. He loves nothing more than sitting on my knee, padding his paws and purring loudly. When he’s not asking for attention he is actually very chilled out – and quiet too (I’ve never heard him meow!). He will happily while away an afternoon looking out of the window or having a nap in his favourite hiding place (good luck finding him when he has his eyes closed!). He is fairly wary of strangers and loud noises, but if you have a peaceful house and are looking to share it with a cat who will shower you with affection, Milo is the boy for you!’

Milo is looking for a home as the only cat where he can spend his days snoozing, snuggling with his adopters and looking handsome (who needs pictures on the wall when they have a Milo!). Milo is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and looking for a home to get cosy in as soon as possible. If you can offer him a peaceful home with a safe outdoor space to potter about in, then please call us on 0161 882 0680 option 4.


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