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Missy is incredibly loving. She is at her happiest when she is with you. She binkies with joy and then flops down beside you with content. She adores attention and will sit next to you for endless strokes. Everyone here is smitten by Missy but we are worried that she will be overlooked because of how she looks.

Missy is a young bunny, approx 7 to 8 months old. She was found by neighbours cowering inside an indoor cage that had been left out in the back yard in torrential rain. They have no idea how long she had been left there. The could get access to the porperty, the tenants seemingly having fled, so they managed to through a coat over the cage to try and provide her some shelter.
We later discovered that in her short life Missy had been passed round at least 3 different homes. If she had been kept in that small indoor cage, then the Missy we know now would have gone stir crazy.

For the first 24 hours Missy was very stressed from her ordeal, she was flightly and fearful. But each day this bunny girl began to show us more and more of her amazing personality. We soon learnt how much she loved to play, run around and woo you with her charms. In no time at all she was a confident, clever and cheeky lady. She always comes running to greet us (unless she is preoccupied with food) and she loves to try and weave between our legs to escape her 3m x 1m enclosure and charge up and down the corridor of the rabbit unit and chin everything. She is just tremendous.

Missy adores human company and will lovingly sit next to you and be hand fed or stroked. She is a gentle soul who is confident and playful. Missy is an active young girl so she needs lots of things to keep her occupied and plenty of space to potter around. We think she will make an amazing house rabbit but equally love a great outdoor home full of adventure and exploring opportunities. Missy is neutered, microchipped, received both vaccinations and ready to show off to you how fab she is. If there are any children in the home then older primary school age will probably be fine for her.

She really is the most amazing companion who will make you smile, laugh and feel loved every day.
Please call 0161 737 6600 to meet her!

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