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We have nothing but love for Molly. We know little about her previous life but from what pieces of information we have it seems she’s had an unstable, and even maybe a times a little scary, home. She was bought to be a companion but things didn’t really quite work out that way due to the owner’s ill health. It’s all very sad and so we have nothing but overwhelming compassion for all concerned.
Molly is just over 1 year old. We have left her to settle over the last few weeks so she can build her trust in us. We can now enter her pen without her running away and she will even coming running up to the door for her food and stay put as she eats it in front of us. This truly is remarkable progress and and just shows she will continue to develop in confidence and trust with a patient and caring owner.
The key to supporting Molly is plenty of space, routine care and positive interactions. She really appreciates her play time and makes really good use of it. Her new home must have access to permanent exercise space and plenty of things for her to enjoy (boxes, tunnels etc). In a quiet, adult only (or late teens) home where she is respected and rewarded for contact she will blossom in no time. Her neighbouring rabbits are female and she does not like them, but the young boys around her she doesn’t raise an eyebrow too, so we are hopeful she could be a contender for bonding with a placid male, maybe a little smaller than her so she doesn’t feel overwhelmed.
Molly has been neutered, microchipped and received both vaccinations. She is currently residing in a sheltered, outdoor facility.
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