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About Mungo

Breed: Domestic crossbreed Age: 5 years (approx) Sex: Male


Mungo has come into our care because his owner was too unwell to continue to look after him. He is a 5 year old tabby and white gent who has stolen the heart of his foster carer. She describes Mungo as “quite a character” and shares all about him here:

‘Mungo is generally a placid, affectionate easy-going cat but like most cats he likes everything on his terms. He will sit on your lap if the mood takes him. He enjoys a stroke (until he’s had enough) and he will give you adorable nose boops too! He acts like a big, confident tiger but really he’s a bit of a softie, unless you thwart him and then he will tell you off! This is usually around imposing boundaries on him like not trying to steal food doused in olive oil. He really does have a thing for olive oil! If you don’t keep him off the food table he will inch forward trying to sneak a steal off what he is eyeing up, so just make sure you don’t give him the opportunity to be a food thief! But generally Mungo is a lovable cat who is great company and I will miss him when he goes.”

Mungo is quite the entertainer but being a little older he just has brief burst of playful energy and then he is happy to go back to snoozing and lounging around. He is best suited to someone who has had a cat before, where any children are of secondary school age and where he can go out to play once settled in. Mungo is a great companion to his foster carer and she has really enjoyed sharing her home with this affable chap.


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