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Nancy and Bob

About Nancy & Bob

Breed: Crossbreed and lop Age: 2-3 years Sex: Mixed sex pair
Nancy and Bob are two bunnies that are very much in love. They have a seemingly unbreakable attachment to one another that has clearly seen them through thick and thin. They’ve been together since they were kittens, purchased from a pet shop and never neutered. They have had at least 3 litters together and yet despite being housed in cramped conditions, with scarce resources (food, bedding, space), they have sustained a remarkable connection and love for one another.
Bob is besotted with his lady and will spend hours snuggling up with her, grooming her and seemingly whispering sweet nothings/ Nancy revels in the attention she receives and reciprocates the affection and equally adores Bob. They don’t just have eyes for each, they are both super friendly bunnies and enjoy attention and fusses. We can even steal a quick cuddle and kiss with them both, Bob is especially obliging!
Although they were previously housed outdoors they will easily adjust to indoor living if you are looking for a pair of house rabbits. They will make a great addition to any family and if provided with their own space to escape to they could happily live in a home with young children. The bunnies have now been neutered, microchipped and received both vaccinations and they have begun to gain weight now they no longer have to compete for irregular feeds. They really are a very special pair who deserve a happy ever after and a home where they can live as carefree bunnies.
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