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Nandor & Laszlo

About Nandor & Laszlo

Breed: Domestic Shorthair crossbreed Age: 4 months old Sex: Male pair


Nandor (black) and Laszlo (tabby) are a pair of little smashers who are looking for a home together as house cats. These brothers are best buds and very handsome lads who love each other much more than they love any human.
Nandor and Laszlo came into our care back in April after they were found as newborns with their mother who had given birth in a shed. Mum was extremely scared of people but we knew that if her kittens were to have a life as companion animals, rather than feral cats, we had to get them used to human contact from an early stage so they were put into a foster home.
Fostering the family was not an easy task. Mum remained highly protective of the kittens and the whole family came down with cat flu, so much of the kittens’ early contact was being given medication whilst their mum hissed. As their flu symptoms may flare up at times of stress we are rehoming the boys to live indoors only so as not to spread the infection to other cats.
It has taken some time to get the kittens to a point where we are happy to rehome them, both in terms of their health and their temperament. They are now four months old and seem robust & healthy with no symptoms requiring treatment, but remain quite reserved lads. They would appreciate a large, quiet home where they can get on with doing stuff that cats love best – sitting in sunbeams, snoozing and snacking – without being picked up and pestered too much, so with older children only. They do enjoy playing with dangly toys with a person at the other end and their natural curiosity does draw them towards humans, but they aren’t the sort of cats that will currently approach you for a cuddle.
These boys are a sweet pair together and would be perfect for someone who wants some proper cat cats, rather than soppy mollycoddled kittens demanded their attention!
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