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Bart, Jethro and Noah

What could possibly better than one Netherland Dwarf? How about three? Meet brothers Bart (the smallest), Jethro and Noah (white nose). The boys came into our care at the end of July as tiny little fur-less kittens. The came from a home where over 80 rabbits were living in cramped conditions. Their mum was struggling to cope look after them because she was so run down. So on veterinary advice, we separated the boys from mum early so she could recover. The boys gradually began to blossom and became firm pals. We did not want to separate them but feared puberty would force a split, so we kept them in our care a bit longer than normal to see what the future held for them. Even when they hit puberty and were little bundles of raging hormones they remained the best of friends. Now 4 months old they have been neutered to maintain their bond and we are confident that they will be BBBFs (best bunny buds forever!).  

The boys each have very distinctive personalities. Noah, the pin-up of the gang, he is the handsome, aloof one, who is is just too cool for school, unless you greet him with a fist of veggies! Bart is the super cute dinky one who everyone loves to scoop up and snuggle, and he willingly obliges. Whereas Jethro is the bold and brave one who is always first in line to escape out of his pen and go for a nosey. If you sit in their pen you soon find yourself being clambered all over, they aren’t shy, just cheeky bundles of fun.

Being so small the three boys barely equate to two average sized bunnies so they do not have any additional housing or dietary requirements. The would love a home where they can play, explore and binky as they please and will be happy either outdoors or as house rabbits. They have received both vaccinations, been neutered and microchipped. If you would like to give them a home then please get in touch.

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