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Neville is a young boar, no more than 6 months old. His owner sadly had to leave him behind due to fleeing domestic violence but a neighbour alerted us to his plight and we got him and the other animals in the property safely into our care. He has been with us just over a month building in confidence and getting ready for rehoming. He is now neutered and has a clean bill of health. This is what his foster mum has to say about him:


“Neville is a quiet but cheeky boy. When he first arrived in our care he would barely eat and only come out from his pile of hay at night time or when he thought nobody was around. Fast forward a few weeks and he’s definitely gained in confidence! Neville is a dinky little pig but despite his small size he has quite the pair of lungs on him; we can usually hear him before we can see him! As soon as he hears the veg bag rustle he wheeks his head off and runs to the front of the cage to see what treats are in store for him. He loves to snuggle and can usually be found snoozing in his fleecy snuggle tunnel! Neville is still getting used to human contact so he can be a little jumpy when handled. This will definitely improve with time as he’s already made progress in the short weeks he’s been with us.”


Neville is looking for a home indoors with a female pig or group. He can begin to live side by side with them now and commence introductions in the New Year when his 6 weeks post op period is complete. We offer a foster/bonding scheme and full advice and guidance (including a step by step guide). You can read about the type of housing we recommend for piggies here, C&C cages are the cheapest and biggest!  If you would like to offer Neville a home please get in touch by calling 0161 737 6600 or emailing

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