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Nixie & Myzska

How do you fancy two plus sized bunnies binkying around your garden? These two bunny ladies are amazing, please let us introduce them to you.

Nixie (grey and white) and Myzska were the last rabbits to be removed from a home of over 70. The girls, aged around 3 years old, have spent their lives together confined to a hutch and used for breeding. Despite their life of deprivation they have found happiness and comfort in each other. The girls are tightly bonded, are the very best of friends and absolutely adore each other. Watching them enjoy life at our centre without a care in the world you wouldn’t have a clue what they have been through.


Nixie is the more confident of the two, but when it comes to exploring they are both quick off the mark to go for a potter outside their pen. We can just picture them living in a garden, spending their days mowing the grass for you. On arrival they were hugely overweight and between them topped the scales at 11kgs! We’ve had them on a hay diet and they have since lost over a kilo. They are still quite rotund but that does not stop them. They squeeze into small spaces for snuggles together and do gorgeous blundering binkies.


The girls have now been neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped. They are looking for a spacious home (e.g. shed, garage, wendy house, conservatory, own room) where they can spend their days lazing away. If you would like two giant bunny garden ornaments then look no further!

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