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About Noel

Breed: DSH Age: 12 years Sex: Male

Noel is an older gentleman looking for a special home to enjoy his latter years in. Noel is 12, and came into RSPCA care after his owner  sadly died. Noel had lived with his former owner all his life and was well cared for. It’s not hard, once you meet Noel, to imagine the bond that must have existed between the two of them. Noel is a fantastically affectionate and loving cat who enjoys human fuss and attention. He is a gentle boy who likes to snooze in his favourite cardboard box for a lot of the day. However, whenever he hears a visitor come into his cattery pen his head will poke out from the box and he will assess how likely a cuddle is! If cats could smile then Noel would be constantly beaming. Despite his loss he seems to have remained in excellent spirits and is a favourite amongst our staff and volunteers. Just this week one of our volunteers had this to say about Noel: ‘Noel is very friendly and gentle. He loves people and comes straight out for snuggles – what a gorgeous big cuddle bear!’

Noel is a true lap cat who will purr with joy, especially if a good groom is on offer. Noel enjoys being brushed and will turn around making sure the human hairdresser gets every bit of him looking sleek. He doesn’t seem to show that much interest in play, preferring to spend his time head butting human hands for a stroke. Noel is used to living in a home with just one adult so any new home needs to be fairly quiet and settled. Noel will also need access to an outdoor space once he has settled in although we think that he will mainly use it for afternoon naps in the sun.

Noel is in excellent health for a cat his age. He has had a full health screen at the vets and received a clean bill of health and there is no reason why he shouldn’t enjoy many more years of happiness. He is slightly overweight and his adopter needs to make sure that he loses a few grammes in order to keep him healthy. He is vaccinated, neutered and microchipped and ready to claim his space on your sofa and in your heart (it won’t take long!). If you would like to meet Noel then please call us on 0181 882 0680 option 4

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