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About Orla

Breed: DSH Age: 3 year (approx) Sex: Female

 Orla is a beautiful natured black cat, approximately 3 years old who was found on the streets suffering from an awful skin infection, having scratched herself raw and made herself hairless. You can read all about her story at this link. 

Orla is now stable and at her best after 6 months in our care. She is a really loving cat and her foster carer tells us all about her:

“We have loved having Orla. She is a sweetheart that wants your attention as much as possible. Yes, she’s super affectionate and follows you around like a shadow. She is a proper lap cat who will always want to sit with you, especially when we are watching tv. She never goes off to sit in a room by herself. She also really likes watching phone and computer screens, she has been watching a lot of Zoom meetings recently, she will do it for hours!

Orla runs around at an amazing speed when you first see her in the morning, she gets so excited. She doesn’t have any specific toys she plays with but does entertain herself with cords and toggles on jackets, she will sit under our coat-rack and bat them! More recently she has started to run to the door when we get home, she was definitely pleased that we were all working at home for so long! When Orla has met new people she has been a little cautious but as soon as they sit on the sofa she jumps up for a cuddle. She doesn’t bite or scratch at all, nor does she jump up on counters or steal food. When she came to us she had large bald patches, after a long road of figuring out her medication she is making good progress on her fur and looks so much better. She is a lovely girl who will be sincerely missed in our house.”

After 6 months of care we are finally able to release her for adoption. Whilst most of her fur has grown back it is quite ‘downy’, and may never fully grow back like regular fur. She has been stable now for 2 months on a daily dose of 5mg prednisolone tablets. The vet feels this is probably the best we will ever get and we have to accept she will need the medication for life. It’s also highly possible she will need steroid injections to support her through the stressful transition from foster to forever home, but will offer ongoing support for the first few months to the right adopter to help settle her in. Ideally the adopter will live locally so they can supply ongoing veterinary support through the branch’s designated vet. Once Orla has settled in we would then expect the adopter to take over the cost of the steroid tablets, but at less than £5 per month it won’t break the bank. Orla is not on a special diet (diet trials made no difference). She is looking to be the only cat in an adult home and can live as a house cat assuming it is a good sized house. Please get in touch if you would like to offer Orla a home via:

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