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Pandora is a beautiful looking girl who came into our care as a homeless cat who was so desperate to find home comforts that she kept darting into people’s homes to try and take up residence. 

On arrival Pandora was housed in the cattery where we soon learnt just how much she dislikes being near to other cats. We also discovered what a high prey drive she has as she was prone to over exuberant pouncing and biting ‘games’ with us. Once a suitable foster home became available she was relocated. This has allowed us to better understand what causes her to become over-stimulated and work out strategies to deal with her pouncing. We are pleased to report that what we’ve done has been a fantastic success and Pandora is now more than ready to find her forever home.

Essentially Pandora is very playful and she needs time investing in her for games of ‘hunt, pounce and win’. Her foster carer has a routine nailed that satisfies Pandora’s high energy. With bowls of noisy/crinkly cat toys stationed around the house, whenever Pandora is in the mood for play she can be easily satiated by throwing things for her to chase or attack – she absolutely loves a kickeroo full of catnip. She enjoys pouncing on toys from her play tunnel especially if they are dangly toys being waved around by a human for her! Pandora is also going outdoors now and this freedom to burn off energy has really helped too. The key thing is to not respond to her (i.e. with any kind of attention) when she is in a heightened state of arousal because it just reinforces her less desirable behaviours. We have also been giving Pandora a special herbal cat supplement called Kalm Aid which is a liquid added to her food once a day. This has had a calming effect on her and we would recommend that any adopter continue to give this to Pandora, especially in the first few weeks in her new home before she can go outside.

After just a few weeks of a play time routine Pandora has truly transformed into a delightful little lady. She has bags of personality and is affectionate – offering up her head up for kisses from our staff and volunteers. Her foster carer says she is a pleasure to have around now and he can enjoy interacting with her having strokes and fusses without any bitey behaviour. He rewards her positive behaviour with a treat and she will run off excited to have a Dreamie to munch on. Pandora likes to rub against your legs when she wants attention but just make sure you determine if this is for attention or a precursor to a hunting game. Pandora is a bright, inquisitive girl who has even learnt how to open doors. You just need to watch her if you have cheese because she’ll try and steal it from your plate!

Pandora is a hugely rewarding and entertaining cat and we are all so delighted at how well she has responded to such simple interventions. Any potential adopter will need to commit to our programme of play (and withdrawal) to maintain Pandora’s good behaviour and keep her occupied. She will need a home where everyone is consistent in their approach to interacting with her, so ideally one or two adults (older teenagers will be ok too). It is also essential she is the only cat in the home and she has the freedom to go out to play as and when she pleases (i.e. cat flap/open window).

Pandora is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and we estimate her to be around 1 to 2 years old.

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