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Peach & Barney

Peach (female) and Barney are brother and sister combo looking for a home together. They are 10 weeks old came into our care after her homeless mum ran into a member of the public’s house and subsequently gave birth – can you imagine how desperate she must have been?! The kittens have been lovingly brought up in a foster home and this is what their foster carers have to say about them:
“Like her namesake, Peach is very round and fuzzy – she is a very pretty girl and we have no doubt she will grow even more beautiful with age. She loves to play with her siblings and will often be found following them like a second shadow.
Since she was a tiny kitten Peach has always been incredibly curious and was the first of her litter to open her eyes. She used to spend hours looking around the room and taking in her surroundings. She has always been lovely and chunky since she was tiny and has always had very fuzzy fur and big, adorable eyes! Every time she looks at you, you feel like you could just melt!
She loves playing with her cat toys, but prefers to play with things she finds lying around the house. She may be quiet and quite shy, but that doesn’t stop her enthusiasm for amateur parkour! Anything vertical, she will climb it. We often find her scaling our headboard or climbing the shoe rack!
Peach is a little shy, but she is growing in confidence everyday. She is getting more comfortable with human interaction and is beginning to enjoy being cuddled and stroked. When she sees her brother Barney having a cuddle and purring she gets very jealous and soon wants in on the action! We feel that she would be more comfortable being re-homed with Barney, as his company gives Peach more confidence and the two have developed a strong bond.
Barney is a lovely boy. We often refer to him by his nickname, ‘wonky boy’ because the end of his tail is crooked. Fear not, it has been checked by the vet and it is not the result of an injury and it doesn’t cause him any issues, its just a little quirk he has inherited from his parents! His sisters also have the same kink in their tail but theirs are less noticeable. We think it makes him even more special and unique and it helps tell him and his sister Peach apart! We sometimes joke that he looks like a baby werewolf because of his pointy ears and spiky hair!
He is very playful and loves nothing more than to play fight with his sister. He will often curl up with her at the foot of our bed after a long day of play! His favourite toy is his fluffy mouse and he also enjoys playing in his cat tunnel with Peach. He loves having his belly tickled and loves being cradled like a baby – he likes to pretend he is a strong, macho wrestler, but deep down he’s just a huge softie!
Barney is very confident and was the first in his litter to leave the nest and go in search of adventure! He has always loved human company since he was tiny and is very comfortable around new people. He is also very good with other cats – our own adult cat seems to consider Barney as his adopted son!”
The two ‘twins’ – as their foster carers refer to them – will fit well into a family with secondary school aged children and will no doubt bring their new owners endless joy and laughs. Their clumsy and playful natures always make them smile and they will miss them dearly! They have definitely inherited their Mum’s gentle nature and will continue to grow into wonderful, loving and playful cats.
Barney and Peach have been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. They will need a home where they won’t be left for more than 5 hours at this young age. Once 6 months + they will need to be able to go out to play so access to a safe outdoor space is a must.
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