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Peggy is approx 3 to 4 year old Netherland Dwarf bunny lady. She came into our care back in October. She had allegedly been found stray and had one bottom incisor growing so far out of her mouth that it was touching her nose! The other incisors had all snapped off and so she was just about able to eat and keep going. Xrays of the skull showed that otherwise her teeth were normal so the vets set about removing her front teeth. We have had her for regular check ups to make sure the incisors have not regrown and that her teeth remain in balance. We are delighted to say she has a clean bill of health and is at last ready to find her forever home. This is what her dedicated foster carer has to say about her:
“This little bunny is simply awesome! She oozes personality and has been a total pleasure to foster. Pocket rocket Peggy might have no front teeth but she is constantly scoffing hay. She is especially partial to sitting in her hay truck and munching whilst getting a better view of the world! She absolutely loves her greens (I chop them up) and is super clean in using her litter trays. She’s always interested in what’s going on and comes over to say hello. Peggy is easy to handle and is always up for strokes! Basically Peggy is ace, whoever adopts her is gaining a wonderful addition to their family. She’s a very, very special girl!”
Peggy will be best suited to living indoors (she has been since arrival) and being kept in a pen, a room or free range. She’s not tolerant of people encroaching on her space and can tell you off sometimes. She just needs her boundaries respecting and for you to clean her out when she’s not about! Peggy has been neutered, microchipped an received both vaccinations. We would love to see her paired up with a neutered male companion but it is not essential. This little lady has so much to offer and will bring you great joy! She is used to living with a sensible children of primary school age. Please call 0161 882 0680 option 4 to meet her!

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