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About Peter

Breed: Neddie x Age: 3 years (approx) Sex: Male
Peter is a Netherland Dwarf cross who we estimate to be around 2 to 3 years old. He was one of a number unwanted rabbits living unhappily together. All unneutered, many were in quite a state and had evidently lived unhappily and stressfully for a long while. They were all urine stained from being sprayed on by each other and all wear battle scars from fighting. It must have been a really miserable existence, one that Peter clearly learnt to cope with by being on the defensive.
Peter needs plenty of space and to have his boundaries respected. We move him out of his main living space when cleaning him out to prevent him feeling threatened. At all other times he is a gentleman, but when he perceives his privacy and personal space is being invaded he goes on the defensive. It’s not his fault his, it’s clearly what he has learnt to do to survive. In the right environment with experienced rabbit owners Peter will learn to rest and relax, as he has done with us. It’s really sad to think what life Peter has had before, but now that he is neutered and has his own personal space and freedom to play we know if won’t be long until he realises his past life is well and truly behind him.
Peter has been neutered, micorchipped and received both vaccinations. He would be best suited to an adult only home with experience of bunnies from troubled backgrounds. Peter is dear to us all and want to see him live the life he deserves. He was castrated on 20th February and introductions to a placid female can begin from 3rd April. Peter can live outdoors or indoors if it’s quiet. Please call 0161 882 0680 option 4 to meet him!

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