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Pamela & Pippa

About Pamela & Pippa

Breed: Smoothcoat Age: 1 year (approx) Sex: Female

This beautiful pair of girls came into our care back in November. They had lived in a stressful environment in ever-changing groupings and mis-sexing had led to breeding out of control and over 70 animals in the home. These girls were very timid on arrival and we weren’t even sure how long they had been living together. Over a couple of weeks they appeared to adjust to living together and become friends. Then came the hard bit, getting them to trust humans.

It was a joyous day when Pamela (brown and ginger) first started to wheek for her food. She just burst into song and hasn’t stopped since. Whenever their foster family are chopping up veg they now both start chirping away. Pamela is definitely the braver of the two and is ok at being handled. Pippa remains wary of humans and does not enjoy being handled.

These days the girls will come out of hiding and eat their food in our company. They have fantastic appetites for hay and we don’t know how they get through so much! They also enjoy a range of vegetables to satisfy their need for Vitamin C. They have recently had a routine check up and are now fully grown pigs.

The girls have been kept indoors all this time but if the weather remains mild they could go to live outdoors. They are used to an indoor cage with a floor space of 160cms in length. The foster carer is happy to donate the cage to their adopter, and it can be collapsed into two parts. If looking to live outdoors they will need a sizable space, equivalent to what they are currently used to.


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