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About Pretzel

Breed: Corn snake Age: 18 months (approx) Sex: Male
Pretzel is a male corn snake that came in via our inspectors as a stray. After being examined by an exotic specialist vet we believe he is around 15 months old. Pretzel was very flighty when he first arrived and would rattle his tail to warn us off. We’re pleased to say that with regular handling this has now stopped and he only becomes a bit grumpy if we startle him, which we think is a very reasonable reaction!
He loves to wrap around your fingers and have a good nosy at the surroundings. Inside the vivarium it often turns into a game of hide and seek as Pretzel can squeeze into the smallest of hides. We often find him wedged in his dinosaur eggs!
Pretzel will eventually require a vivarium, which will allow him to fully stretch out. For example, a snake with a length of 120cm will require a vivarium with a length of 120cm, height of 40cm and width of 40cm. He is currently living in a vivarium half this length as young snakes can often become stressed in an environment which is too big for them. He will require a thermal gradient of 28-30°c at the warm end and 20-24°c at the cool end. Temperatures must be controlled using a thermostat. Ideally, a 2-7% UV bulb should also be provided.
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