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About Rafiq

Breed: Up-eared Age: 2 year (approx) Sex: Male

Rafiq is an unforgettable bunny with bags of personality. He such a winning combination of cheeky, handsome and friendly that even the devoted cat people on our staff have fallen for his charms.
Rafiq came into our care after being abandoned in a garden with another rabbit. There had obviously been some disagreements between the pair as Rafiq had a few bite injuries, the most notable of which was on his right eyelid. He was fortunate that, after regular cleaning and pain relief, the cut repaired on it’s own and didn’t require surgery. It still look a bit irregular but his doesn’t detract from his handsome dark looks. He may require lubricant eyedrops to be applied regularly in the future.
Rafiq is a confident boy who is happy in human company – he will run over to greet you and is easy to handle. He is a bit of an escape artist and can be quite cunning about finding routes out of his housing. We think he is most used to living outdoors, but as he’s friendly and clean he could live in a home. He would need to have a carefully rabbit-proofed area to inhabit because he likes to chew, as well as the aforementioned escapology. Indoors or out, he would thrive in a home where he would get plenty of attention.
Rafiq was neutered on the 14th of October so can start to be paired with a female from the end of November. He is fully vaccinated and microchipped. If you would like to offer our long eared heartthrob a home please email

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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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