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From what we know about Reva’s history was that she was kept in a small hutch outside, not let out, became territorial aggressive and her owner’s lost interest in her and their care of her dwindled. What is particularly tragic about this all-too-familiar tale is that it was her life for 3 years. Understandably Reva doesn’t have much reason to trust people and she’s not for being stroked, but she has come a long way since coming into our care a few weeks ago. She has not shown any aggression towards us and will just move out the way if she doesn’t want to see you. Will come running up for veggies and isn’t frightened of our proximity to her. We are so proud of the progress she has made and feel she is now ready for adoption.
We have had to reeducate Reva into better dietary habits. She was not familiar with hay and this no doubt contributed to her having poor dental health. Her front incisors had no enamel and her back teeth were ‘stepped’, but within just a few weeks this has all changed and her teeth are now in good condition – just shows how fast they grow! The key to our success? Readigrass. She loves it and her leafy greens and now she good teeth, great poos and a fantastic appetite for natural food.
Reva is looking for a home where she can interact with her carer on her own terms. An outdoor set up would be great, preferably with a companion rabbit, but as she has been on her own for a long time we don’t know how easy she will bond. She has not been bothered by the other bunnies around her at the centre, so it could be easy but we would recommend taking it really slowly and have them live side by side with a suitor for a few weeks or even longer. Reva has been neutered, microchipped and received both vaccinations. If you can offer her a relaxed home with an unlimited supply of readigrass then please get in touch. This girl really deserves a life worth living. Please call 0161 737 6600 to meet her!

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