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About Renwar

Breed: DSH Age: 3 years (approx) Sex: Male


If you are looking for a super chilled black panther dude of a cat then look no further than our gorgeous Renwar. He was found stray in Barnsley unable to weight on his rear right leg. He had sustained a really nasty injury that had required repair to his tendons. It was touch and go whether he would have to loose his leg but with cage rest and gradual rehab he began to weight bear and build up his muscle mass on the leg. He is now very capable of pottering around but prefers staying on one level, so if you live in a flat or a bungalow that would be ideal for him. This is what his foster mum has to say about him:

“Renwar expresses his love in the evenings and mornings when he loves joining us on the bed for chin and head scratches. He absolutely loves ‘making biscuits’ on the duvet before settling down to sleep with us (and probably taking up too much of the bed too!). He seems to enjoy the comfort and close contact of bedtime. During the day he likes to spend it getting cosy in a nice space under the bed. If you make noises in the room he is in he will come out eventually to say hello and have a fuss but he is generally so relaxed and content snoozing the day away in a hidey hole you hardly know he is there. He is also really reluctant to come downstairs unless he’s hungry and thinks he will be fed. He seems to prefer upstairs but that may be because of his mobility, we just don’t know.

Renwar is an ideal cat for someone who is at work during the day (we think he would prefer it if you did!). He enjoys both Felix and Whiskas cat food and of course, Dreamies. When he wants to play or has had enough fussing he will sometimes let you know with a nip, so he is best off being rehomed with older children who can read the signs. Renwar has been given the all clear for rehoming by the vet and does not have any going support needs for his leg, but please be aware that the leg would likely be excluded from any pet insurance cover. He would like to be able to potter outside so a location away from busy roads is essential.We estimate Renwar to be around 3 years old, he has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. If you would like to offer him a home then please email


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