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About Salsa

Breed: Corn snake Age: Adult (age unknown) Sex: Male

Salsa is a lovely male corn snake that came into our care after being found in a park by a member of the public. They contacted the RSPCA and one of our inspectors went out to collect him. It is unknown if he was an escapee that had gone astray or if he’d been purposefully abandoned.

 Salsa has been health checked and faecal tested by an exotic specialist vet and has been given a clean bill of health!  

 As we have no history on him, we have no idea of his age other than he is an adult. Salsa is a very laid back snake who loves exploring his surroundings and burrowing in his aspen. He is happy to be handled and enjoys time outside of the vivarium, especially if you’ve got a pocket that he can sneak in to!  

If you are interested in re-homing Salsa please note the following housing requirements and also take a look at the Corn Snake care guide on the RSPCA website.   

Salsa will require a vivarium with a length of 120cm x height of 40cm x width of 40cm, which will allow him to fully stretch out.He will require a thermal gradient of 28-30 at the warm end and 20-24 at the cool end. Temperatures must be controlled using a thermostat. A 2-7% UV bulb should also be provided.

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