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Savannah is a wonderful natured bunny rabbit looking for a very special home. She is approximately 18 months to 2 years old and was being kept in a small hutch, not fed regularly and infrequently cleaned out. Savannah is now in a 3m x 1m and truly loving life!


It seems that our girl is making up for all that lost time, existing in solitary confinement with nowhere to go and nothing to do. These days she is having a blast and spends hours each day rearranging her pen, chewing boxes and shredding paper. She makes an unholy mess but it just makes us smile because she is actually being able to be a rabbit and have fun. We appreciate she will need someone very special to tolerate with her activities, and she may even be better living in a sizable outdoor set up. We just want to see her move on to her forever home so she can play and binky to her heart’s content.


Savannah is a very loving rabbit and enjoys being around people. She always comes running to greet us and enjoys having a stroke. She also loves getting her veggies too and is a great hay eater. Although she has a fluffy maine her coat is easy to keep on top off. We think Savannah will enjoy having a neutered male companion, as she’s been quite content living in proximity to other rabbits in the unit. She has been neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. If you have a big heart and a good sense of humour then Savannah could be the one for you.

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