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About Seymour

Breed: DSH Age: 4 years (approx) Sex: Male


In terms of his looks Seymour can best be described as “a bit of rough” but in reality he’s a big old softie. Seynour is a handsome hunk of a cat who shows the signs of his time living stray on the streets with his tatty ears and the odd battle scar. He came into RSPCA care after being found a large cat bite wound to the side of his face. He received two weeks of loving care in the vets and came out a much happier chap. His street-life days have left him with FIV, so we are looking to rehome Seymour as a single house cat. For more info on FIV please visit:

The scars he bears are just physical – Seymour is friendly and relaxed in our care and seems to have decided that life is much easier and more fun when you have regular meals, shelter and humans to take care of you and kiss you on your head. He’s showing signs of becoming a real lap cat now he’s settled in with us and absolutely adores a fuss. He already looks much less of a scruff and a few more months of love and care will see him turn into a proper heartbreaker. He has the most gorgeous, subtle grey tabby markings and stunning green eyes.

As Seymour has been used to a lot of freedom and space we’d like to rehome him to a large home where he can have plenty of space to explore and enjoy. He’s at least 4 years old, so is quite happy chilling and snoozing and would be a good match for someone who is in full-time work and home on an evening. He really enjoys human company and being stroked so would love to settle down on on your knee in the evenings. We think he’d be happy living with older children and would prefer to be the only animal in the home (definitely the only cat.)


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