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About Sooty

Breed: Domestic Shorthair crossbreed Age: 8 years (approx) Sex: Male
Possible house cat
Sooty has a very dear place in our hearts. He is around 8 years old and has been on a long road to recovery since being found bald last year. It was originally thought that Sooty’s problems were related to fleas, but once this was addressed it became apparent that overgrooming, through stress, was the main problem. We’ve spent a long time understanding how best to support Sooty and develop his confidence and we are now delighted he is ready to be rehomed. Sooty’s devoted foster carers tell us all about this special boy:
“Sooty came to us in January with his sister, Belle. Belle was very confident whilst Sooty was skittish and nervous. After a while it became clear that Belle was a bit much for Soots and he needed his own space. So Belle left and Sooty stayed on with us, and since then he has really come on in leaps and bounds.
Sooty quickly became a vocal and affectionate companion to us. He loves being around people and will follow us from room to room, giving a little shout when he’s unsure where everyone is. He is still a timid cat by nature and likes human contact on his own terms. He will come right up and sit beside you for head and cheek rubs but doesn’t like to sit on laps and isn’t massively keen on being handled. If you stick to his rules, and give him some time to settle (patience is key with Soots) then you will find yourself with a loving and loyal purring pal. He sees us off to work in the morning and greets us at the door when we get home, and you can’t get better than that!
He likes to play with toy mice and loves the ones with catnip in them especially. Not fan of the dangly toys, he prefers to pounce on the easier, non moving targets. He is a curious soul and prefers to view things from above so he enjoys jumping up on window ledges to keep an eye on things. We think that Sooty would prefer a quiet house with no other pets so that he can have your full attention and you can hear all his chat and his purring.
Soots has had quite a journey since coming to stay with us at the start of the year and we are really proud of how far he’s come in his confidence and how his personality has developed. We think he would be a great addition to a home and, though sad to see him go, we are very happy that he’s got to this point.”
Sooty needs a quiet home that can offer him routine and predictability and with not too many visitors. He can live as a house cat if the property is sizeable, as he has never been outside, although it would be nice for him to have the option to go out, if possible. Sooty is given a supplement on his food called Kalm Aid and this has made all the difference to him. It is easily and cheaply purchased and he will be rehomed with a supply. If you can offer this amazing cat a home for life then please get in touch.
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