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About Sparky

Breed: Corn snake Age: 2 years Sex: Female

Sparky is a two year old snake who came into our care via an inspector. She was being kept in a very small plastic storage box without access to heat or light. She was very cold, hungry and in need of some TLC. After a few weeks and a few good meals she is a much healthier, happier little snake. She has been checked over by our vet and is now all ready to find her forever home.

Sparky is a sweet and friendly snake with a curious nature. She likes to climb and explore within her vivarium. One of her favourite hang outs is her rock cave. She is calm when being handled and would be perfect for a first time owner.

Sparky will require a vivarium with a length of 120cm x height of 40cm x width of 40cm, which will allow her to fully stretch out.She will require a thermal gradient of 28-30 at the warm end and 20-24 at the cool end. Temperatures must be controlled using a thermostat. A 2-7% UV bulb should also be provided. 

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