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Sumi (Viewing Booked)

About Sumi

Breed: Domestic semi-longhair Age: 8 months (approx) Sex: Female

Sumi is a gorgeous tabby tripod girl looking for a new home as an indoor cat. Sumi is eight months old and came into RSPCA care after her owner made the difficult decision to sign her over so we could help her with post op care following an operation to remove one of her front legs. Sumi lost her leg after a broken paw became infected and the decision was taken to amputate Sumi’s leg in order to save her. Sumi has adjusted fantastically to having only 3 legs and has now been given the all clear to find a forever home.

Sumi is currently in foster care and can usually be found snoozing in a high bed on a tall cat tree. She really has forgotten she only has 3 legs! Once she realises she has company, Sumi is straight down to give her visitors head butts and kisses. Sumi is very affectionate and loves to be stroked. She is still very much a kitten and enjoys chasing after balls and charging through her play tunnel. Her foster carer has a fish tank and Sumi is quite taken with her ‘cat tv’ and not at all bothered that it only has one channel!

Because Sumi seems to thrive on human interaction, we are looking for a home for her where someone is at home part of the day (may be works part time). She has lived with children so a family environment where there is always someone available to sit on or to play chase with her would be ideal. She also needs to live in a good-sized property, preferably on several floors, where she has room to run around and explore. As a house cat Sumi will need lots of toys, boxes to hide in, and windows to look out of. She enjoys being high up so a tall cat station with a bed on it near a window would be perfect. We can provide further information about meeting the needs of indoor cats to Sumi’s adopter. As a semi long haired cat Sumi will need regular grooming to keep her coat in good condition.

Sumi has been vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. If you would like to meet her, please call us on 0161 882 0680 option 4.


My Personality
I am an indoor cat

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