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We sometimes meet animals who defy any logic and reason. Sundae is one of these special creatures. She’s had a hard life existing amongst multiple unneutered cats and dogs. When she was found she had just given birth to her umpteenth litter and at 8 years of age she had nothing left to give. Sadly her the two kittens she gave birth to passed away whilst a third had to be removed by caesarean section. Miraculously the kitten was alive but Sundae had no milk so she went off for hand rearing at another branch. Sundae took everything her stride and just sought love and affection from us from the moment we first met her.

Sundae’s foster carers say: “Sundae is a precious soul with heaps of affection and head bumps to give out. Her hobbies include eating, padding, chattering away & snuggling up into your body for a nap. She has bags of sass and isn’t afraid to make her self right at home. After a difficult start in life she most certainly deserves her forever home. She isn’t phased by other cats or even the hoover! She has been an absolute joy to care for and will forever have a place in our hearts.”

Sundae is now ready to move on to her forever home. She has a clean bill of health and has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Sundae can live with other placid cats used to sharing their homes with other felines but you must be able to give her all the attention she craves. Sundae is a confident girl who will likely cope living with children of all ages and cat friendly dogs.

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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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