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About Tatiana

Breed: Lionhead Age: 1 year Sex: Female


When an RSPCA inspector of over 10 years experience describes conditions as “appalling” we know they must have been truly terrible. Tatiana was one of three rabbits that was found existing in terrible conditions. They were being kept outdoors in hutches without any bedding, food or water. Tatiana was remarkably in reasonable condition but the other two were visibly underweight and are still under rehabilitation. In the three weeks that Tatiana has been with us she gradually grown in confidence and porven waht a sweet, pretty little girl she is.

Tatiana is around 1 year old and hasn’t been shown much love or human kindness during her short life. She can be a little shy around new people but now she is settled into the centre routine she is a regular potterer out of her pen when it is time to clean her home out each day. It has become a regular feature at the centre that each bunny can have a play outside their pen when it is being cleaned out. Many relish the opportunity (even though they live in a 3m x 1m pen) and others are more shy or reticent, but we are delighted and proud that Tatiana now goes off exploring, as it shows she is finding her paws and keen to enjoy her life. Tatiana is a gentle soul who is won over with a bit of patience and bribery! We think she will thrive once in a home and has established a bond with her care giver. All Tatiana needs is a chance and she will doubtless prove to be a rewarding bunny to love.

Tatiana is neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated. We would ideally like to find her a forever home with a neutered male. We think bunny company will really improve her happiness. She may be best living outdoors but if you have a quiet, adult only home we are confident this clean and tidy lady will settle into indoor life just fine.



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