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Terence keeps being overlooked because of his looks. Someone recently remarked that he needs an owner who is short-sighted so they can ‘see’ past his looks. It seems many people find Terence’s looks off-putting, which is desperately sad because he is the loveliest bunny you could possibly wish to meet. He is a mini rex with a mega personality and fur like velvet, or ‘clouds’ (as one of rabbit socialiser’s insists).

Terence is approx 4 months old and came into our care on the August bank holiday after being abandoned in a small dog crate with 7 other rabbits in baking heat. As far as we know he was outdoors for at least two days in direct sun during a heatwave. All they had to eat was chocolate shreddies. Many of the bunnies were poorly and underweight and had the most putrid smell we’ve ever come across. All of the bunnies had to be bathed to reduce the stench and remove build up of urine and faeces on their fur. It was truly distressing to see the state of them all but since arrival they have absolutely thrived in our care and we now have the most amazing little scamp to introduce to you.

It is hard to tell from the photos just how small Terence is but he is so dinky, making him even more adorable! Terence is incredibly friendly and climbs all over us for attention and fusses. He is always at the door to his pen waiting for a human to pass by. He even naps there in anticipation of our arrival. He is very sociable with both people and rabbits and will make a great house rabbit if you are looking for a personality to turn your house into a home. You can probably tell that we really love Terence and if you come and meet him you will rapidly find out why – he is such a love.

Terence has been neutered, received both vaccinations and will be microchipped. He is suitable to be bonded with a lady looking to snuggle up to a sumptuous, rex fur baby! Terence is perfect in every way and we cannot wait for you to meet him. Please call 0161 737 6600!

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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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