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About Thurston

Breed: Domestic Shorthair crossbreed Age: 5 years (approx) Sex: Male


“Teddy bear”. “Perfect”. “So nice.” “My boyfriend!” These are just a handful of declarations of love that have come from our staff and volunteers for our our gorgeous, chubby cheeked boy Thurston. In every sense Thurston is the best cat you could wish to share your life with. As soon as he arrived he just curled up for a cuddle and settled down for a nap. He is this beautiful, snuggly furball that we have all well and truly fallen head over heels for.
Thurston was a stray cat found with a wound to his face. That quickly healed with treatment and he later went on to have a few teeth removed and a scale and polish. We estimate him to be around 5 years old and is the happiest cat now he’s off the streets and living indoors. Thurston is a lap cat, no doubt. He jumps up and head butts your face and adores a fuss. He adores people and attention we think he must have used his charms on members of the public to feed him and that’s how he has survived being homeless. He loves to weave in and out of your legs and sidle up to you. He also enjoys a belly rub and is this wonderful, gentle soul who will be so content to live in a peaceful, chilled out home being loved.
Thurston is FIV positive, which means he has feline immunodeficiency virus, which lowers the immune system but if kept happy and healthy and goes for 6 monthly check ups at the vets he should go on to live a long and happy life. It does, however, means he needs to live indoors and on how own, so a sizable property would suit him to keep him occupied and give him places to cat nap in! To read more about FIV please visit:
Please call 0161 737 6600 to meet him!


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