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HOUSE RABBIT Tinker is possibly the most confident and cheeky baby bunny we have ever met! It is really difficult to conceive that he was actually found stray. He must have survived because of incredible courage and intelligence. As no one has come forward to claim him we are now able to find him a (secure) forever home. This is what his foster carers have to say about him:
” Tinker is a friendly young bunny who loves having attention showered on him. From the first day he stole our hearts with his personality and looks. Head rubs are his favourite and he will quite happily come and snuggle up to you for hours. He has a good appetite and will take food from your hand and eat everything you give him. He also loves to binky around his pen in the morning.”
Tinker is not shy in sharing his attention and climbing all over you. He would make a brilliant family house rabbit and will teach any first time rabbit adopter how to look after him with charm and cheekiness. Tinker is not one to miss, he is absolutely brilliant!
Tinker has been vet checked and received the combi vaccination. Before he leaves our care he will be microchipped and also receive the RHD2 vaccination. Once he hits puberty, in approx 4 to 6 weeks time, we will arrange for him to be neutered and contribute £100 towards the cost (if done at our branch’s designated vets we will cover all costs). Once neutered, and his hormones have settled, then he can be paired with a female if you choose. Tinker must live as a house rabbit because he loves attention so much and he is such a hoot!
Please call 0161 767 6600 to meet him!

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