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Holly, Brandy & Catkin



Holly, Brandy and Catkin are a gorgeous trio of girls. Holly and Brandy are best friends and we think around 7 months old, and Catkin is Holly’s daughter, who is 8 weeks old. They came in our care in December following a large rescue of guinea pigs from one home. We learnt via an ultrasound that Holly was pregnant and gave birth to 3 perfect (whopping) babies on 20th January. The girls are such a happy family unit that we are looking to rehome them together. Here is what their foster mum has to say about them:


“Brandy, affectionately known as Aunty Brandy, is a beautiful smooth coated guinea pig. She is definitely the matriarch of the group and looks out for the other two girls. She will often take up sentry position on a high object keeping a watchful look out. She loves her food and is usually the first on the scene when a veggies bag rustles! Brandy also loves to sleep and in the afternoon she is most often found curled up somewhere quiet having a snooze!


Holly is a very pretty little ginger guinea pig with the shrillest squeal! She is a brilliant mummy to Catkin and, even though Catkin is nearly all grown up, she still mothers her! Like most piggies Holly adores her food and will squeal the house down when she thinks food might be on its way!


Catkin is an adorable ball of fluff who is a sassy little girl, with an appetite of a pig twice her size! Like all young piggies she has lots of energy and loves to zoom around her enclosure leaping on and off things and popcorning excitedly (whilst the two adults watch on!). Catkin loves her food and is more than happy to steal food off her mum and Brandy – when she gets hold of something particularly tasty she will drag it off to a quiet corner to eat in peace (well she did grow up with two brothers!).


Like all piggies they don’t much like being captured up, but once scooped up all three will happily settle down for a cuddle. They are an animated little trio who are a delight to have around.”


The girls are looking for a home indoors in an enclosure that is around 5x2 c and c grids or 180cm x 60cm. They are a really happy clan who will bring great joy to any family. 

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