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Alexis & Twyla

Alexia & Twyla

Twyla (black and white) and Alexis (black) are looking for a home together. They were hand reared along with their siblings after their mum was unable to feed them. The original litter of 7 came into our care after their mum was found abandoned in the rain with her brood. Understandably she was very bewildered and stressed and her milk quickly dried up and she became unable to feed her kittens. The litter have had a rough ride and sadly only 4 made it in the end, despite our best efforts.

Fast forward 11 weeks and the girls are strapping kittens who have a real zest for life. They are both very human orientated, especially Twyla who absolutely insists on kissing every human she meets on both cheeks and then their nose! It’s possible she won’t grow out of this habit so she is looking for a tolerant home where her humans won’t mind her compulsory affections! Alexis enjoys a cuddle too but she also loves pouncing on her favourite toy and growling at any of her siblings who try to take it away. She has a cute silver patch under her chin and will purr loudly whilst this is stroked.

Both girls are playful, fairly confident and have lovely natures. They have been in contact with children but Twyla has been known to give a cheeky nibble on a nose or finger if she isn’t getting the attention she thinks she deserves, sometimes this hurts so a home where any children are teenagers would probably be best. They will need access to a safe outdoor space to play in once they are old enough. They can not be left for longer than 5 hours at a time whilst they are still young. Twyla and Alexis are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. If you would like to meet them, please call 0161 737 6600


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