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About Wendy

Breed: Smoothcoat Age: 1 year (approx) Sex: Female

Wendy came into our care after we attended a home where breeding had got out of control. Unsurprisingly, Wendy was pregnant and gave birth to one little boy and it has been the making of her! Wendy was very shy when she first arrived but she has now really come out of her shell. She now lets you know when its breakfast and tea by wheeking and staring at you from the entrance of her cage. She will come up to the bars to say hello though and she will let you give her head a little scratch! Wendy is roughly 1 year old and in great health.

Wendy’s blossomed having the company of her son, alas they had to be separated to avoid any further unwanted pregnancies. Wendy really needs piggy pals so if you can introduce her to one of yours or a small herd then please get in touch. She has been used to living indoors so it would be great if this could continue so she gets maximum attention! Indoor store bought cages are often too small and expensive so we’d recommend a C&C set up, you can buy these via various sites like this one online: To meet our gorgeous agouti girl please call 0161 882 0680 option 4!

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