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Whitney & Mariah

Mariah (white spot on nose) and Whitney (otter markings) were found in a small, 1m long indoor cage that had been abandoned in alley at the back of Curry Mile in Rusholme. The cage they had lived in was small and baron and both bunnies are carrying a few extra pounds as an apparent result of having had such little exercise. Despite their ordeal the bunnies have taken everything in their stride and quickly settled into the centre and have been enjoying life with us ever since.


They now live in a 3m x 1m pen and love their space and freedom. If ever their pen door is opened they are straight out to investigate. They are both confident and cheeky bunnies who love a stroke and will not hesitate to give you a cheeky head bump if they want extra treats or if you are in their way! They really are two delightful bunnies who we feel are now finally getting to realise their potential and live life as a bunny should. She seem so happy, grateful and content and it’s great we’ve been able to give them a new lease in life. But their journey is far from over and we now need to find them a forever home.


The girls are approximately 2 years old. They have been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. They will thrive in either as house rabbits (in a large pen or their own room) or in an outdoor set up (ideally a shed with permanent access to a run) but will need to have lots of space to roam because now they’ve had the taste of freedom they very rightly aren’t giving it back! If you can offer them a forever home then please get in touch by calling 0161 737 6600.



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