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Sometimes when RSPCA officers visit complaints about an animal’s welfare they come across animals whose lives are just simply not worth living. All too often it is a rabbit who has lived in solitary confinement in a tiny hutch for many months, if not years. Sadly Zelda was one of those animals, found living a miserable existence and being used as a breeding machine.
Understandably her hard life has taken its toll on her and she is a quiet rabbit who keeps herself to herself.
Zelda is learning for the first time what it means to be a rabbit. She now resides in a spacious pen being fed regularly and being allowed to do what she pleases. She was originally overwhelmed by her change and spent much of her time hiding away but now she comes out for her veggies and hangs around long enough for us to see how beautiful she is. Remarkably her fur needs minimal grooming, so that means we can avoid causing her unnecessary stress by catching her and handling her. We generally just leave her be and pop in her pen to clean her out (she’s really tidy and uses her litter trays) and feed her veggies. In time we think she will begin to see that humans can be a beneficial part of her life, but for now we just leave her be.
We don’t know how old Zelda is, but probably no more than 3. It is difficult to tell if she will ever pair with a companion because she may have only ever had contact with another rabbit for breeding purposes. We are happy for someone to try slow bonding or for Zelda to live on her own given her history and the hardship and deprivation she has experienced. Zelda can live indoors or out and has been neutered, microchipped and received both vaccinations. We know we are asking for someone very special to offer our girl a home, but we believe in happy endings and hoping a miracle is out there for her.
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