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About Zoom

Breed: Smoothcoat Age: 6 weeks Sex: Male (neutered)


Zoom is a 7 week old baby boar. His mum was rescued from a home with mixed breed piggies running around in the dozens. We knew Solero would likely have babies and 6 weeks ago we were treated to 4 little babies! Sadly two didn’t make it past a few hours but this was probably because mum was so malnourished (as were all the piggies that were rescued, it was desperately sad).

Zoom is 7 weeks old and has had a health check at the vets and is ready to find a home with a calm, lonely adult boar (ideally 1 year +). Zoom has been born in a foster home with a single adult carer, so due to lockdown measures have not had the usual extensive socialising so will benefit from being adopted by a confident handler who has patience to bring him on. Once old enough (roughly 4-5 months of age) the branch will pay for his castration up to the cost of £70. Min size housing for 2 male piggies is 6 x 2ft – space is vital to a happy relationship! See our website for housing and bonding guides

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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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