Every now and again we get an animal in from such poor conditions that it still manages to shock us and sadly Herman’s story did just that. He was discovered in a carrier hidden out of sight in a pet store car park on the hottest day of the year. The carrier was full of urine and he was crawling with fleas; it was obvious that he had been there for some time. Thankfully National RSPCA staff found him in time and took him straight to the vets where he was found to be unneutered and suffering with rotting gums and decaying teeth. He had to have 8 teeth removed, but with so many already missing it left him with just 3 healthy teeth. 

Herman on arrival

Understandably Herman was traumatised by the ordeal and refused to eat, drink or go to the toilet for days after arriving at our cattery, but thankfully with a bit of medical help he started to improve. We discovered that he only liked mushy fish flavoured food and preferred to use the tray overnight when it was quiet, but he was still so shy and we were all very worried about him. Things took a turn for the worst when we got an outbreak of cat flu in the cattery and Herman, having an already low immune system after his dental, succumbed to the flu.

We had tried to find a suitable foster home for him but there was just no space available. For two weeks he suffered terribly with the flu symptoms and whilst we really didn’t want to upset him anymore by taking him back to the vets, we had no choice. He started a 10 day course of antibiotics and soon started to improve but just as his chest was getting clear his right eye lid became swollen. After yet another trip to the vets (and required further medication) we finally had a foster home free to take him. After three days in a home environment he was like a different cat. Despite the odd sniffle and still having a slightly swollen eye lid he was full of energy and cheekiness! 

Herman in the first few days of foster care
Herman is now causing his foster parents to have sleepless nights because he enjoys playing so loudly! All is forgiven though as it’s just so great to see him happy and feeling so much better. He still has a few weeks of antibiotics to go but whilst he is recovering he gets sardines for tea and the special privilege of sleeping on the bed (it’s just a shame he sleeps in the day and plays at night!)

We are hopeful that Herman will be ready for adoption by the end of August, and boy does he deserve the best home after what he’s been through. He is still very wary around people but once he starts to recognise your face he then enjoys cheeks rubs, belly flopping at your feet and cuddles curled up at the side of you. He will be looking for a quiet home where he can have a long and peaceful life eating smelly, fishy dinners and playing with cat nip mice loudly as soon as the sun comes up. 
Herman finally learning to relax and beginning to trust people again

The cost of starting to get Herman back into shape is £380 to date. Without our loyal supporters we just couldn’t help animals like Herman. Check out the ways you can help our animals below!
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