Mara is a 1 year old agouti bunny who sadly holds the title of our longest stay animal. She came into our care on 14th July 2014 when she was just a few days old after her mother was found stray with three babies; thankfully she was rescued by National RSPCA inspectors and brought into our care to raise them in safety. 

Daphne – Mara’s mum who was adopted in 2014

Fergie & Harriet – Mara’s sisters who were adopted by a member of our team this year

Despite regular handling and their mum being a sociable rabbit it was clear that Mara and her sisters were going to be shy rabbits, preferring the company of other bunnies to people; we assume that their father was a wild rabbit who mated with Mara’s mother when she found herself stray!
Mara as a baby – August 2014

In the past year Mara’s mother and sisters have found homes but sadly Mara is still waiting…..
She loves other rabbits and it is clear she would like a neutered male companion but with her preference to have minimal contact with people we are finding her very hard to rehome. Despite all the odds being stacked against her we are determined not to give up on Mara finding a forever home in a lovely, outdoor enclosure with a friend for company.  
Mara all grown up and still waiting for a home – August 2015
Whilst she isn’t the most sociable rabbit to be around she is still a rewarding rabbit as over the past year our staff have built up a bond with her and as long as we respect her space she will watch us clean, take food from our hands and remain calm and still for her weekly health checks. Our staff enjoy watching her interact with her bunny neighbours and they always have a giggle when they hear her playing with a baby rattle or see her poking her nose out of a cardboard castle. So despite not wanting close contact with people she can still interact and have a relationship with her carers.

 Mara needs a home where:

* She can live in a large setup outside (ideally a shed with run attached)
* Be bonded with a neutered male (following our bonding guide and with our ongoing support)
* She is left to settle at her own pace and her adopter’s understand she’s not going to be a bunny that likes cuddles and fussing! More of a rabbit that likes to be admired from afar….

If you can offer Mara the home she needs please call us on 0161 882 0680 option 4 or email today!

The cost of caring for Mara is around £1,000 to date; this includes boarding fees, food, enrichment and vet care. If you can’t offer Mara a home, check out the ways you can help our animals below!
There are many ways you can help our animals!
1. Make a donation or set up a regular Direct Debit – any amount would make a huge difference to our animals lives.You can TEXT MCRS01 £1/2/3/4/5 or £10 to 70070
2. Fundraise for us! We always have an event or two planned… For example, in September we have an abseil down the Trafford Centre and in October our ‘Big Walkies’ sponsored dog walk. Why not get involved and raise money for our animals at the same time?!
3. Donate your unwanted clothing, jewellery or bric to our charity shops! Our charity shops are located in Chorlton, Didsbury and the Northern Quarter, city centre and help to fund our work. We can turn your donations into funds to care for our animals. We are also always on the look out for volunteers to help in our shops so if you are interested just get in touch!
4.  Adopt one of our amazing animals! We always have many cats, rabbits and guinea pigs for adoption. If you are looking for a new best friend look no further!

5. Foster a feline! At the moment we are in need of more foster carers for cats, kittens and nursing queens. If you live in the South Manchester or Salford area and think you could help please contact us on 0161 882 0680 option 4.