Stanley is a splendid lad who has been on a long journey since first arriving in our care on the 16th of June 2015. He was originally found stray and limping by a member of the public in South Yorkshire. He was subsequently X-rayed and given pain relief but as no one in the area came forward to claim him he was transferred to us for treatment and rehoming.

X-rays of Stanley from June 2015

The X-rays revealed that Stanley had fractured the neck of his right leg as well as his pelvis! Thankfully the brakes were healing correctly on their own so there was nothing we could do to help other than keep him happy and calm on cage rest. Thanks to his lovely nature he coped well on cage rest, most cats find it very frustrating, but during the whole 6 weeks he remained calm and content.
Stanley on cage rest

Stanley’s recovery was slow but he finally was given a bit more freedom and put on room rest where he could start to walk around and build up the muscle on his leg. Unfortunately, at around the same time, Stanley started with a bad bout of diarrhea. After a check up at the vets and a course of antibiotics it still hadn’t cleared up so he was put on a sensitive dry food diet which has made a massive difference.
Getting used to his new diet after some trial and error!

Since changing to the new diet and being given the freedom to run around his foster home he is now full of the joys of life. He has been the perfect patient and his foster family are very fond of him and say he is a real sweetheart. This is what they have to say about him:

“Stanley is a really lovely boy. It takes him a little while to get to know you, but when he does, he is very affectionate and loves a cuddle. He is very energetic and tears around the house when he has his ‘mad half hours’, liking nothing better than skidding along the laminate and crashing into table legs. He loves his toys and likes using the scratch post. 

Stanley is also hilarious….he is fascinated with his reflection in the mirror which he seems to think is another cat and dances on his tiptoes around our own cat (who treats him with general disdain). Stanley has never scratched or hissed at us, even when giving him tablets: he accepted this quite passively. In his short life so far, despite his injuries, he has learned to accept whatever his situation is quite happily. He will make a fantastic pet and absolutely deserves a loving new home. We have loved having him here, but as he is in foster care, he hasn’t been able to play out, which we think he is eagerly looking forward to!”
Stanley looking and feeling much better! August 2015

After 8 long weeks Stanley is finally ready for adoption and we hope it won’t be long until he’s enjoying the great outdoors, climbing trees and snuggling up in his adopter’s arms.

Animals like Stanley take a lot of time and effort from our staff and volunteers to get them ready for their new homes. If you can offer Stanley a new home please get in touch!
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